SHOPPING GUIDE: Fabric Glossary

To learn more about the fabric blends in Jockey® products, simply click the fabric name from the list below.


A synthetic fiber that adds stability and long lasting wear to fabrics while having outstanding wickability due to its inherent quick drying time.

Combed cotton

A type of extra soft cotton subjected to an additional step in production that removes short fibers and straightens those that remain. The result is a stronger, smoother, more even, more compact yarn.

CoolMax® fabrics

A registered trademark of Invista North America S.A.R.L., CoolMax® is the performance fabric that includes an effective fiber-based moisture management system. The system can move perspiration away from the body, and through the fabric, where it can evaporate quickly, allowing the wearer to feel cooler and more comfortable.


Cotton is a natural fiber typically 3/8 to 2 inches long. Fabrics containing Cotton are comfortable, breathable, soft and vital to so many of your favorite Jockey® products!

Covered Waistband

The elastic waist is encased in soft fabric to protect sensitive areas for all day comfort and ease of movement.


Another name for traditional Spandex, mostly used in European countries.


A woven, slightly napped fabric usually composed of wool or cotton. Flannel makes a wonderful, cozy insulator on cold winter nights.


The characteristic of a fabric, perceived by the sense of touch, which describes its tangible qualities such as softness, fineness and resilience.


Delicate, ornamental, openwork fabric made in a variety of designs adding a touch of feminine appeal to various Jockey® products.

Lenzing® Modal

Lenzing Modal®, a registered trademark of Lenzing AG, is a cellulose fiber composed of reconstituted cellulose from Beech trees. The softest fiber in the world, it is ideal for body conscious clothing. It remains wonderfully soft even after repeated washing and retains its color brilliance.

Lycra® Spandex

Lycra®, a registered trademark of Invista North America S.A.R.L., is known for its unique spandex fabrication. This resilient spandex is specifically crafted to move with you. No matter where life takes you, Lycra® spandex is in sync with your step.

Micro Fleece

An extremely lightweight and soft synthetic knit fabric that has pile on one or both sides.

Micro Suede

A microfiber blend fabric with a soft brushed finish similar to suede. It has a great deal of stretch, and is very popular in garments.


An incredibly fine, yet amazingly strong, manufactured fiber that produces the most exceptional fabrics offering the very best in breathability and lightweight comfort, matching that of natural fibers. This ultra-fine fiber also produces fabrics that are easy care with a superior hand and outstanding drape.

MicroModal® modal

A registered trademark of Lenzing, it is the microfiber version of Modal. This fine fiber is ideal for lingerie and intimate fabrics. MicroModal still retains the superior softness that Modal is so well known for.

Moisture Management (wicking)

The technical ability of a fabric to pick up moisture, carry it away from your body, spreading it out on the surface of the fabric to evaporate easily to help you stay cool and dry.


Known for its exceptional strength characteristics and quick drying time, nylon enhances the durability and practicality of numerous Jockey® products. Extremely easy to care for, nylon is a favorite for boxers, briefs and hosiery.

Organic Cotton

Generally understood as Cotton from non-genetically modified plants, it is certified to be grown without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides.

Plushback Waistband

A comfort feature achieved by the addition of a soft, lofty layer on the inside of the waistband to protect skin from the elastic texture. It also helps to keep the waistband in place during daily wear.


A synthetic polymer containing monomers of amides joined by peptide bonds. In fiber form, it is also known as Nylon.


A synthetic fiber that prides itself on durability. Polyester has high strength, excellent resiliency, and wrinkle resistance. It's a quick drying fiber that has excellent shape retention. Polyester also holds color brilliantly and looks great wash after wash.


A strong, resilient, manufactured Olefin fiber that is ideal for achieving great color.

Pre-Shrunk or Pre-Washed

A garment that has been put through a finishing process denoting a controlled standard of shrinkage performance.


A manufactured fiber composed of regenerated cellulose. The cellulous is derived from wood, cotton and other plant materials, for example, bamboo. Rayon fabrics have a soft and comfortable silk-like feel. The fabrics are easy to dye and drape well.

Rayon from Bamboo

A rayon fiber as described above, whose cellulous source is bamboo.

Rib Knit

A double-knit fabric in which the vertical rows of stitches alternately inter-connect on opposite sides of the fabric. This construction allows for good elasticity, is ideal for long-lasting wear and comfort that just doesn't stop.

Ring Spun Cotton

Cotton yarn that is reproduced on ring frame equipment allowing for a finer yarn with a softer hand when knit.

Seamless -- Seamfree

A garment produced without any side seams. For example, Jockey® Comfies® and Naturals collections offer a seamless fit to avoid irritation and give way to superior comfort.


A lightweight fabric having crinkled stripes achieved by weaving the yarns at different tensions.


One of a group of polymeric organic silicon compounds, it is applied to textile material as water- and heat-resistant lubricants and finishes.


Developed for NASA, the Outlast® technology behind Jockey® staycool t-shirts and underwear regulates your skin temperature, helping you feel up to 3 degrees cooler.


Jockey's softest fabric that is extremely supple and breathable due to the use of microfiber modal.

Supima® Cotton

Supima®, a registered trademark of the Supima Association of America, is the highest standard of cotton on earth. This Cotton is so special because it is made from the longest fibers in the world offering the very best quality.

Tactel® Nylon

Tactel® Nylon is made by Invista North America S.A.R.L. It is a dynamic specialty fiber with a delightful feel and a sensational appearance, is the perfect response to a new generation of fabrics and garments which deliver a wide range of benefits, well beyond traditional materials.

Tencel® Lyocell

A registered trademark of Lenzing for their brand of cellulosic staple fiber classified as Lyocell. Stronger than other cellulosic fibers it is also inherently more absorbent than Cotton.


Tricot is the most popular type of warp knit with super fine stitches on the face of the fabric. This construction is used for fabrics predominately in our bra garments.

Viscose Rayon

First produced in 1891, Viscose is the oldest manufactured fiber. Fabrics composed of Viscose have a silk-like texture and feel heavenly against your skin. It's soft, lightweight and absorbent qualities make it a very popular fabric for underwear and loungewear.